Symfony and eZ Publish

Gaeano Giunta (17.May.2013 at 17:30, 30 min)
Talk at phpDay 2013 (English - UK)

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Symfony and eZ Publish

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17.May.2013 at 18:01 by Fabian Erni (58 comments) via api

Good presentation, but not much (code) examples for a php talk

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17.May.2013 at 19:02 by Asmir Mustafic (30 comments)

Rating: 4 of 5

17.May.2013 at 19:26 by Urban Etter (3 comments)

Rating: 4 of 5

18.May.2013 at 14:11 by maxroby (27 comments)

Nice to see how they plan and do the migration of the legacy version

Speaker comment:

18.May.2013 at 15:02 by Gaeano Giunta (21 comments)

Want more code? Have a look at

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18.May.2013 at 15:55 by Michele Orselli (86 comments)

Enjoyed the description on how the migration happened

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19.May.2013 at 16:12 by Iacopo Papalini (27 comments)

Good overview on how to keep a valuable legacy while going on with the innovation. A quite rare example of how a consolidated, no greenfield project can use new technologies.

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20.May.2013 at 15:45 by Nicola Trincas (16 comments)

Many ideas for working better and better! thankyou

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