Motivating developers

Anna Filina (20.Oct.2009)
Talk at ZendCon 2009 Uncon (English - US)

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Motivating developers

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Speaker comment:

16.Oct.2009 at 17:32 by Anna Filina (30 comments)

Awesome talk! (I know, voting for myself)

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19.Oct.2009 at 02:45 by Mike Willbanks (17 comments)

As long as beer is involved

Speaker comment:

19.Oct.2009 at 13:42 by Anna Filina (30 comments)

Yes, beer is involved.

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19.Oct.2009 at 17:37 by Daniel Cousineau (27 comments)


Round tables on this subject are always good, it's like therapy but more productive.

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19.Oct.2009 at 18:25 by Barry Austin (22 comments)

Mmmm... beer :)

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19.Oct.2009 at 21:40 by Pablo Godel (102 comments)


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23.Oct.2009 at 02:18 by Nicholas Curtis (1 comments)

great session

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