Closing keynote: Things I Believe Now That I’m Old

Ross Tuck (09.Nov.2013 at 16:40, 50 min)
Talk at CodeConnexx 2013 (English - US)

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Closing keynote: Things I Believe Now That I’m Old

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Rating: 5 of 5

09.Nov.2013 at 17:29 by Ivo Jansch (72 comments) via api

Terry Chay once had the status in the PHP community of delivering the keynotes that you just had to see. It has taken a while but there's a keynote that has this same 'must see' status. If Ross is not doing this keynote at a conference you visit, visit a conference where he does.

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09.Nov.2013 at 17:54 by Rob Allen (109 comments) via api

I can only agree with Ivo. Excellent keynote, that is a must-see.

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09.Nov.2013 at 18:00 by Jeroen de Jong (125 comments) via api

One word: wow!

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10.Nov.2013 at 14:40 by Camilo Sperberg (29 comments)

I don't know where you got the idea for this talk from, but keep on going! It is a great talk, with some very useful advices coming from a helpful and skilled adviser.

I totally agree with all the chaps here: this talk is a must-see!

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10.Nov.2013 at 14:55 by Dimitrios Savvopoulos (15 comments)

This was an excellent talk that everyone should see. I am glad I did as I received many good advices. Thanks.

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10.Nov.2013 at 20:32 by Petra Dreiskamper (90 comments)

Excellent key note!
The personal approach, stories and lessons learnt really make this exceptional.

You almost sounded like a wise old man... pretty darn good for a mere 29-year old ;-)

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11.Nov.2013 at 12:48 by Robin Nieuwboer (10 comments)

A strong and gifted speaker! Giving and taking advice is a skill as well. The reasons for taking and giving advice came across very well. However you're such a powerfull and authoritarian presence that I didn't even question or analysed your story at the time; it all made sense.

In hindsight I missed how to handle people that do not want, or recognize your advice. and how do you recognize and filter advice that might not be favourable to your case. How do you know where to put them on the graph you showed?

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11.Nov.2013 at 14:15 by Erika Heidi (31 comments)

I only have to thank you for this talk, was truly awesome and inspirational. Everybody was amazed, you could tell by people's faces.
This is a talk every developer should see. I would go further and say that this is material for TED Talks, seriously!

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11.Nov.2013 at 14:16 by Michelle Sanver (213 comments)

Wow... I was really moved by this keynote.

There's no way it could have been done in a better way. I was just amazed at everything that was said and the message that came trough from this very wise "old" man. The way he shares his story and the way he keeps this red thread in his talks makes me so inspired, and I believe that this talk, if ever so slightly changed me as a person: To the better.

Thank you Ross.

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11.Nov.2013 at 23:24 by Roberto Gardenier (Caroga) (32 comments)

Best. Talk. Ever.
I remember the talk that Kevlin Henney gave at the DPC13 which was really inspiring as well, but you really surpassed that in every possible way.
If I should recommend any talk that was given at the ccxx13, then it would most definitely be this one!

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12.Nov.2013 at 09:16 by Tom Schuermans (23 comments)

To quote my tweet: "Awesome talk, truly inspiring"
Great pace, content and interaction with the audience.

Rating: 5 of 5

15.Nov.2013 at 12:19 by Alex Luneburg (84 comments)

Great keynote, great slides, great advice. Even slightly emotional with the hat!
Truly inspiring

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