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The Greatest Panel on Earth

at php[world] (14.Nov.2014) | 4 comments | Andrew Nacin, David Hurley, Taylor Otwell, Andreas Hucks, Evan Coury, Ben Marks, Larry Garfield


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The lost art of simplicity
Great opener for the conference!
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Being dangerous with Twig
Awesome talk from Ryan, thanks.
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O(ops), Authentication!
Thanks for the feedback so far! Several people have mentioned the missing OAuth1/2 comparison. I've left that out on purpose, both for timing reasons and to not further complicate the OAuth2 explanations. Since so many people asked, I will consider adding a few slides for the next iteration of this talk :) I've also added the slides, see the link in the talk description.
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Introduction to Docker
Thanks @Martyn for your feedback. A few points in response: - Some setup is required for every workshop, especially DevOps workshops. Setup was actually quite fast compared to the average. - The question if everybody was ready was asked several times, along with stating clearly that not speaking up would lead to problems later on. Twenty other people in the room seemed to not have any problems. Did you speak up and did I ignore you? If so, sorry for this. - Using the local WIFI for a Debian repository is not an option. The thing that regularly breaks down at conferences are the local WIFI routers (because of overload), NOT the internet connection itself. So the local repository was a conscious choice. - Attending a DevOps talk with less than 8GB on your hard drive might not be a very good idea. Space requirements for the archive alone (leave alone the running boxes!) were clear in the preparation instructions that you have received beforehand.
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PHP Components and the Great Framework Kumbaya
Great walkthrough of how a framework works, and awesome delivery. Thanks!

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