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Introduction to Databases

at php[tek] 2014 (20.May.2014) | 0 comments | Davey Shafik, Jeremy Mikola


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Creative Coding - why ?doing nothing? doesn?t mean you?re not working
Thoroughly enjoyed this talk, interesting to take a step back from the code to learn *why* we need to take a step back from the code, and why and how we can bring creativity in to our workflow. June is obviously knowledgable and (as importantly) interested in the subject, which made the talk entertaining.
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PHP 5.4: The New Bits
@James There's only so much you can fit on a slide, you need to find concise examples that are not only demonstrative, but that are also not completely boring. Language localization is a great example IMO, and Mum/Mom a well known en_US/en_GB difference that can fit easily on a slide :)
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Scaling PHP with HipHop
After 10 years I finally got to see Sara speak and it was everything I thought it would be! Learned some new things about HHVM despite having already spent a bunch of time looking into it before (and even contributing to help ZF2 tests run), visually great slide deck, and authoritative and engaging delivery.
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PSR-7 in the Middle
This talk was a great intro to PSR-7. I had issues with it prior to this talk but I think I'm sold and have... ideas. As others have said, the history lesson was a bit long, some highlights would be good, but I would prefer the time be spent on some more insight into why some PSR-7 decisions were made, an architecture overview of a middleware based app (especially composed apps with multiple layers), and some examples of how to implement one.
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Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone: Learning to Teach
This talk was fantastic. As someone who speaks often I find myself watching others speak to learn how to be a better speaker, but there is very little on how to be a better teacher, so I was very eager for this talk. Heather was a fantastic speaker, learning to teach by learning to learn is great — and seeing them slides reflect the values she was teaching (visual vs reading vs audio etc) was a subtle but amazing thing to see. I came away with a better understanding of how I learn, as well as an appreciation of how others can differ from that. Focusing the second part of the talk on speaking made this immediately more applicable to what I was trying to achieve, I definitely came away from this talk with stuff I could do to improve the way I teach, from the way I speak, and present my information, to what goes on my slides. Great job Heather, I recommend this talk to anybody who finds themselves teaching OR learning, be that as a speaker, a mentor, an apprentice, or otherwise.

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