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DPC Conference Social
Whereas the music might have been a tad to loud, it wasn't like you really couldn't talk to eachother. I agree it might have been a bit to cramped in the front, but we had plenty of space in the back. All in all, it was a nice closure of the first day of talks. And free beer is of course always a plus.
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HTML5 for PHP Developers
Like said before, as an overview of HTML5, it was good, but there was little connecting it to PHP. Also, the statement that what we do nowadays is 50% PHP and 50% JS, was grocely overstated (at least in our company). Having said that, the slides on short and long polling where probably the funiest ones of the entire conference, and as a HTML5 overview, it was a nice talk.
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Geolocation and Maps with PHP
Good talk, but a bit too much 'Look, here is OpenStreetMap, and this is how we can use it (with JS)'. Would've like a bit more conceptual talk on Geolocation features, and, as someone else here stated, maybe something on mobile web. If anything, the talk didn't really cover the description on the site. No real focus on e.g. geo-aware data storage, manipulation and querying, which actually was the reason to attend this talk. It was a good talk, but I think could've been better. I did like the first part, about the different coordinate systems and their backgound and differences
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Growing spiders to crawl the web
Really good talk. Liked the examples on how to make a spider act more like a human being. Presentation was good, lots of good examples, mixed with a good dose of humor.
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Nginx: The power within
No bad things to say really. Helgi is a good speaker, the presentation was clear, the slide were fine. Good overview on you can do with Nginx, but I can't say I agree on that you should do some of those things using Nginx
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Fun with BIG Data with various databases
The presentation had a few major flaws: - HUGE amount of typos, to the point it became really annoying - nowhere near fitting in the 45 minutes that were availible. Altough the speaker seemed to have a lot of knowlegde on the topic, the talk never really grasped me. He showed some seemingly impressive results, but no clear explaination on how execactly these results where achieved. In the end, he had to race to the finish, no doubt having to skip some interesting things. The speaker should have fit his talk better to the time that he had for it.
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Introduction to Lisp
Nice presentation, just a bit too heavy on the 'crazy'. The 'what if PHP had macros' bits were recognisible, but, as said, the link with PHP could be bigger. We are at a PHP conference, right :).
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Database Optimization for Web Developers
as Stelian said, it was indeed more of a lecture / extended talk then a workshop. I think it was because we weren't actually building anything, just going along with his examples. Having said that, it was very interesting. Learned some new things, and got to rethink some of my own databases. And while Steve might not be the best speaker, he is very knowledgeble, and had a good answer for most questions.

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