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Being dangerous with Twig
Reread the talk on slideshare and I had forgotten how good it was. Entertaining, informative, and easy to follow, even when just using the slides!
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What mom never told you about Bundle configurations
Good points! This is something that rarely gets enough attention, but the point is true - configuration often explodes in size and does not scale well. Take the time to refine and organize your configuration and your code will be much healthier for it!
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Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services
This presentation shows you how little you really know about REST! One of the best speakers I've seen, great information on REST. His slides will probably be in the gigabites, as I think he burned through several hundred! This is really a must-see for any developer building a REST API
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Symfony2 Form Tricks
Bernhard did a great job making a complex topic easy to understand. Good use of slides!
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Solving the Hard Parts of eCommerce
It's hard not to like this guy
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Webpack Encore - Pro JavaScript and CSS for Everyone
Awesome library and great information on the overall state of Javascript. I would love to see live coding / deployment.

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