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Memcached, the better Memcache Interface
Very informative presentation about Memcached. The only thing I didn't like, was UPPERCASE fonts in code examples :)
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DevOps für PHP
Great presentation by Johann-Peter Hartmann.
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New Features in PHP 5.4
Great overview over PHP5.4, really enjoyed it. The bad feedback will follow in the Email....... Just kidding :)
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Basic CQRS and Event Sourcing with Prooph
Loved the talk. Would like to see a real world example with real world problems, but I agree that that would be too much for the workshop. Also liked that there was a second guy to help with the problems, so that the workshop could go on without stopping to much.
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Message oriented architectures with RabbitMQ
It was clear that Mariusz is very knowledgeable. However it would have been nice to get instructions on how to verify the installation (being able to run the list users command and login to the administration page) beforehand, so it would have been easier to start. Also at the end of the workshop there was a moment when Mariusz went through the audience and talk to everyone individually. Which is nice, but also created a situation where everyone else didn't have anything todo.
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CQRS and Domain Events for integration
Great talk. Got good inspirations from it, thanks! :)

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