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Azure+ better PHP PaaS

Beyond the PHP Mountain

Building distributed systems

Building software fast

Choosing The Right NoSQL Database

Doctrine 2

Doctrine 2: An Introduction

From PHP to Machine Code

From PHP to machine code

Growing spiders to crawl the web

Keynote: Beyond Code

Lazy Evaluation: stop wasting memory and time

Optimizing Zend Framework

Organizing a Conference

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Organizing a Conference

at PHP UK Conference 2012 (24.Feb.2012) | 1 comment | Rick Ogden, Juozas Kaziukėnas, Johanna Cherry, Thijs Feryn

PHP in the Cloud

Practical ORM

Process any amounts of data. Any time

Présentation de Doctrine 2

REST. Let's get the facts straight

RESTful Web Services with Python

The new era of PHP frameworks

Virtualized Development

Virtualized development

What Makes Technology Work

You Can't Optimise What You Can't Measure

You can't optimize, what you can't measure

Zend Framework 2.0 Let’s Rock


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Database Theory Models and Abstractions
Great introduction database architecture gotchas. The normalization and de-normalization advantages/disadvantages was the best piece, as most people either over-normalize or duplicate all data.

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