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Git for Subversion users
Title of the talk sums it up perfectly. Great talk for someone who uses subversion and has no practical experience of git. The slides comparing the features of both really worked well. Only problem was the length. Even another 15 minutes would probably have given Stefan more scope to cover the things that obviously really set git apart.
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CLI, the other SAPI
A really great speaker. Very entertaining and would love to see more talks from Thijs.
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Stop wasting time by applying Clean Code principles
Another awesome speaker. Lots to think about afterwards! Mic feedback issues were annoying though. Maybe have some of the volunteers trained how to turn the pa down a touch next year :)
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Let's get you geared up to tackle legacy code
Great talk. It went in to just about the right level of technical detail, while still getting across a great set of principles. I hope you get to try crumpets one day!

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