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All aboard the Service Bus
First of all, thanks for coming to Zagreb to talk about this topic. I find it personally very interesting and it is always a pleasure to hear more about CQRS. The talk was great, well rehearsed and I really enjoyed examples of bad and best practice. I've never heard of query bus before, and the example of throttling queries by using the bus was eye-opening.
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GDPR Panel Discussion - Technical aspects and how do they affect the development of web apps
Panelists addressed most of questions I had prior to the meetup, from cookies, IP address, DPO, to responsibilities and fines. Through the panel, I was hoping the audience would start to ask specific and technical questions and at the end they did! Miro as moderator did the great job handling discussion. Thanks to all panelists! 4 out of 5 because I think we (audience) were too passive, extra chairs weren't used at all

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