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Solving the N+1 Problem: Or, A Stitch in Time Saves Nine
I'd encourage you to update your opening benchmarks to use MySQLi instead of the dated MySQL.
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Cranking Nginx Up to 11
Good talk. Speaker was knowledgeable. Would have liked to see more about usages of Nginx. Especially when the audience asked for this at the beginning of the talk.
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21 ways to make WordPress Fast
I added the link to the slides on SlideShare. Thanks for the feedback so far and to all those who attended. Glad you got something out of it.
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21 ways to make WordPress Fast
Thanks everyone for all the feedback. For those requesting more detail from the slides, please read my blog post on the subject - http://jason.pureconcepts.net/2012/08/21-ways-wordpress-fast/
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All Aboard for Laravel 5
Since this presentation I have released Laravel Shift - an automated upgrade tool for Laravel. Visit https://laravelshift.com for more details.
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All Aboard for Laravel 5
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File Level Manipulation in PHP
The abstract seemed interested, but the actual talk seemed to be more about taking the "Zend Certification". In the end, too many digressions led.
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Good overview of what's coming in MySQL 8. Would have liked to see a few more slides focusing on the SQL or resulting data set examples.
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Converting Your DEV Environment to a Docker Stack
Great overview and explanations of the commands. While risky, it'd be cool to demo the commands a little more. This might would help bring the overview to life.

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