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Application monitoring with Heka and statsd

Behind The Scenes of Open Source Maintainership

Behind the Scenes of Maintaining an Open Source Project

Behind the Scenes of Maintaining an Open Source Projectenglish

Composer Best Practices

Dependency Management with Composer

Five Weird Tricks To Become A Better Developer

Five Weird Tricks to Become a Better Developer

Five weird Tricks to become a better Developer

Fun with timezones

High Performance Websites with Symfony2

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Regular Expressions

How I learned to stop worrying and love Regular Expressions

In-Depth with Composer

JavaScript Events and Scopes

JavaScript Scopes and Events

JavaScript State of the Union

JavaScript, Events and Scopes

Javascript State of The Union

Lessons Learned Building the Composer Internals

Lessons learned building the Composer internals


Of knowledge sharing and the developer quality lifecycle

Open-source maintainership: the Good, the Bad and the WTF (Uncon)

PHP Reset

Performing in the Browser


Redis - Your advanced in-memory key-value store

Redis – Your advanced in-memory key-value store

Redis – Your advanced in-memory key-value Store

Table ronde PHP : "Etat des lieux et avenir de PHP"


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Of knowledge sharing and the developer quality lifecycle
Just an additional note for others that may pass by, as I discussed it with Stefan quickly, the talk wasn't about innovating ideas really but more about motivating people to do it already. Because indeed most techniques are known by everyone but mostly not applied.
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Your Tests are lying!
I learned good ways of expressing what is wrong about some tests, and that is quite useful to get one's point across. Everything was backed by decent examples and stories from the trenches, that's always nice.
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Memcached, the better Memcache Interface
The presentation was good, Ilia knows his stuff and it shows. The font choice for code samples was a bit too engineery though, anything sans-serif would be a better fit for readability :)
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HTML5, the current status
Didn't learn much since I'm already fairly well informed on the topic but the talk was fun nonetheless and I discovered the html5 form validation JS API that I somehow never heard of before!
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A little backbone for your app
Good overview of the framework. A bit too much detailing of the APIs though, it was pretty late in the day for that. The demo and kind of real code examples at the end were more interesting and lively.
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Breaking boundaries with FastCGI
Great talk and quite a confident speaker especially given it was a first public appearance! Keep at it, I am sure you will do well. Regarding the talk more specifically I would add a bit more info/examples of how keeping state/caches can hurt you when you need to scale horizontally (because if you need performance enough that you need this FCGI PHP handler, you probably will need more than one server eventually).

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