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Refactoring 101
Adam presented the topic in a simple and easy to follow way. Motivated me to implement the methodologies he described into my refactoring. Excellent talk!
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Practical Software Estimation Techniques, or “How Late?”
Lots of takeaway's from Lorna's presentation that I can immediately apply to my own estimation efforts. As both a business person and developer, Lorna presented the process of estimating projects in a way that helps developers gain confidence in themselves as they give confidence to the business minded.
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How to Make Good Documentation a Regular Part of Your Day
Superb talk! Simple yet effective tips, ideas, & approaches to making documenting your code a lot easier. A MUST watch if you want to become more consistent with writing GOOD documentation.
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Vagrant for Virtualized Development
Me encantó la presentación. Aprendí mucho. Nunca he visto una manera tan organizada de hacer mi trabajo como desarrolladora de software como el que vi esta noche.
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Foundations of Zend Framework 2
Good explanation on the difference between the vendor and module directories. Good overview of namespaces and nice tip/reminder on how to create a namespace for a library without a namespace (by adding a slash). I like that you started teaching ZF2 by using a Model in your approach, good starting point for new people. The slide about the types of services was very helpful to see.
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Unit testing in WordPress
Perfect talk for WordPress Theme and Plugin developers unfamiliar with Unit Testing. Ptah started with an easy-to-digest intro to Unit Testing, followed by an overview of PHPUnit made with clear examples. Last, he addressed the most common misconceptions management and developers have about unit testing, which would have made for an excellent attention grabber during his intro! Ptah's talk leaves developers with a boost of confidence from having obtained new found knowledge of the WordPress testing suite, which I'm sure will encourage more core contributors as a side effect.
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Breaking into freelance
Good talk with solid, practical advice to make for a profitable freelance experience. Interactions between Melissa & the audience added to the talk. Some points within the talk carried on a bit too long, but overall, were presented in a way that kept the audience wanting to hear more. Overall, it was a talk that allowed a nice, uncomplicated start to freelancing.
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The Pattern to Design Patterns
By far the best training I've had on design patterns! Chris took a different approach to teaching this topic and gave us a clear understanding of the why and where we can could use these patterns. Excellent voice, tone, and energy.
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No More Overtime; or, How To Train Your Manager
Wonderful talk. Made me think.

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