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PHP Extension Writing
This was a wonderful introduction to developing extensions. It was especially great to get a glimpse at the PHP internals through the eyes of someone so familiar with them.
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A Hands-on Introduction to Writing Unit Tests Using PHPUnit
Harrie offered a fantastic introduction for any developer looking to get his or her feet wet with PHPUnit and PHP. Progressing logically from the most basic tests to the fundamentals of mocking objects and database fixtures, Harrie packed a ton of great information in to three short hours.
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PHP 5.5: The New Bits
Davey's pace was a little rushed at first, but he did slow himself down about a third of the way through the presentation. If there is a developer hell, I think it would involve explaining generators to a crowd of people not familiar with them, but he managed it with grace. This was a very good rundown of the new features in 5.5. Extremely useful and practical info!
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How To Be A Great Developer
Fantastic examination of some of the ways we get in our own way as developers. I loved the interactivity, it was perfect for a talk like this that's bound to provoke conversation.
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Git and Github: Working Effectively on a Team
This was a fantastic, to-the-point guide to using git as a collaboration tool. I got some great tips that I can't wait to implement on my own team!
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Stop Multiplying by 4: Practical software estimation
I wanted a jumping off point to learn how to prepare data-based estimates and Chuck delivered 100%.
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Talmudic Maxims to Maximize Your Growth as a Software Developer
Best professional development talk I've ever attended. Good common sense advice presented masterfully with humor and heart.
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Dockerize All The Things!
Excellent content and very professional execution. Chris offered a fantastic and practical introduction to Docker.
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Architecting with Queues
Excellent, practical use-case of queues and distributed processing as scaling tools. It was really awesome to have a peek in to azure as well, that was definitely new for me! The slides were a teeny bit code-heavy, but didn't distract from Sandy's presentation in the least.
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Navigating Your Git Repository
It's hard to make a talk that centers on navigating graphs both informative and engaging. Gemma pulled it off masterfully. I definitely came away with a new appreciation of how fit works under the covers!
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Community enabling community
He's a community hero for a reason. Great advice for getting involved and helping to grow the community.
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Writing Faster PHP with HHVM & Hack
Fantastic overview of HHVM. A must-see for anyone who's curious about it or Hack.
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Opening Keynote - The Joint
The mentalist was a great addition and made for a really unique conference opener!
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Contributing - Behind the Scenes of the Joomla! Project
It was very cool to see how a massive OSS project like Joomla manages its volunteer force. Amazing opening, too! :D
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Templates with Twig - Easier than you Think
Great content and fabulous energy! There are some areas that could be improved: For example, when taking about alternate syntax, taking a moment to demonstrate it would help out stick better in the audience's mind. Like I said, the energy is fantastic, but better pacing and pauses will help get your content across.
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Hack Better, With SCIENCE!
Favorite talk of the conference! This was a great introduction to the world of software engineering research.

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