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Developer Experience, API Design and craft skills
Very interesting talk, and thought-provoking when talking about revitalising a project.
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Mocking Dependencies in PHPUnit
Very nice paced talk, and very well presented. Now need to put it into practice tomorrow at work...
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Dear Me, things I wish I knew 12 months ago
Really interesting talk, and a good reminder to those who've been around the block a few times to remember where we started and what we'd love to have known back then.
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BDD is not Behat
A good reminder about why we're writing our scenarios... I know a few of mine will be reworked at the earliest opportunity for falling into some of the traps mentioned
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What you’ll miss on AWS and how to find it
Very quick overview of where the bits fit to build your traditional stack in AWS, with some caveats of what might happen as you do
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Machine Learning Basics
A very interesting primer for machine learning, which gave a good example of what you need to do to successfully train your models

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