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Building Better Developers
Thanks for a great talk Rowan! :)
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BigData w PHP
Duża ilość wiedzy i doświadczenia w temacie. Temat topowy, ale ciężko znaleźć kogoś kto z tematem pracował i jest w stanie się tak sensownie tą wiedzą podzielić. Gratuluję :)
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A Developer's Tale: There and Back Again in Under 500ms
Good talk that highlighted importance of various stages of handling the HTTP requests. Plus I've learnt that TLD matters when it comes to the DNS resolution :)
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How PSR-7 will change the world
Talk highlighted well why we need a standard for HTTP Request/Response and how other languages solve it. Plus for explaining why immutability is important and what are the weaknesses of the PSR7
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Symfony and ElasticSearch
Talk nicely highlighted state of client libraries and showed how to deal with problems problems that developers can face. I'd focus a bit more on benefits of using ES and what kind of problems it tackles and also what kind of burden it introduces on the infrastructure side of things.

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