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Scale and adapt with PHP and Responsive Design - A story of how we're building BBC News
A very engaging talk from which I took away a number of notes of ideas I want to look into for future projects / changes. Was a shame this was on Sunday morning as I think attendance was lower than it would have been if presented on the Saturday.
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Your (coding) standards matter
A highly entertaining talk, with lots of good information. Was great to have opinion put across (such as on PSR topics) in a way which was amusing and avoided going into long rants. The standards tool generator looks great and should be useful as we try and follow standards a little more strictly within our team.
Rating: 4 of 5 
0x0F Ways to be a Better Developer
An interesting talk to get things started and I was surprised how well the 'split room' idea worked. I think it would have improved for me if there was a little more depth on each of the points. They were all good an interesting, but it felt like as soon as they were mentioned, it wasn't long before we were moving on to the next one.
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Practical Refactoring
Interesting and informative talk which was easy to follow. Was probably a little closer to the 'introduction to refactoring' level than I was hoping for, but I still took away some useful tips.
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More Code, More Problems
Always good to hear someone talking about ideas which align with some of your own practices, whilst providing more thoughts for investigation. The section about tools at the end, complete with hearing about your experiences when using them was especially useful.
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Clean Application Development
Great talk which covers a lot of good concepts on how to keep code clean. I took away a number of ideas for small changes I can start to make in order to improve. Personally I'd have liked to have seen a few more code samples to reinforce the concepts being discussed and the verbally given examples.
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A Stitch In Time Saves 9; or, Solving the N+1 Problem
Great talk, although I found it a little slow to start with. The examples were nice and clear, which helped compliment the explanation. They also helped me relate it to code which I've written and would be worthwhile revisiting at some stage in order to make improvements based on the contents of this talk.
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Modern PHP
Great talk looking at where PHP has been and briefly where it is going. A good insight into practices which should be considered when developing applications using PHP.
Rating: 5 of 5 
Demystifying the REST API
One of the best overviews of REST I've heard. A fantastic talk with some useful examples and tips for developing a REST API.
Rating: 4 of 5 
Bring Your Application into 2014
A great talk, which gave some useful ideas and advice regarding refactoring and handling legacy code, however, it was not quite what I expected from the title alone.
Rating: 3 of 5 
Software Architecture In an Agile Age
I found the talk a little UML heavy, which lost its relevance to me a little. The rest was great, including the lego house representation. I was hoping for more of the general advice though.
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The Modern Developer Toolbox
Great talk to introduce a lot of tools to consider using during development. There were a number here that have now made it on to my list of things which I need to try out. At times this talk did just feel like a long list, although for most of the tools, they could probably do with a talk just to themselves!
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Design How Your Objects Talk to Each Other Through Mocking
Great talk which has got me thinking about what my tests tell me about the code I'm writing.
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Understanding the OWASP Top 10
A great talk which was well paced and entertaining, with easy to understand examples reinforcing the concepts. Had good takeaways of what I could do as a developer to protect and reduce the risk of these attacks.
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Practical Message Queueing Using RabbitMQ
Great talk, starting from basic concepts and then introducing the more advanced ones. Slides backed up the content really well and made things easy to understand. Would have liked some more 'real life' examples on when / how you would use different exchanges.
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Scaling & Managing Asynchronous Workers (and staying sane!)
Great talk - very informative and entertaining. Enjoyed going into the detail on how to write code for workers and how they should be structured. I am about to start writing some queue workers, so this came at the right time.
Rating: 5 of 5 
Opening Keynote: Stealing People Lessons from Artificial Intelligence
Great talk and has given me lots to think about as I spend more of my time in a team lead role supporting other developers. Now to go and buy a couple of the recommended books...

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