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Tools of the PHP Trade
Excellent talk. Well presented and managed to cope with the issues that arose due to the hotel not providing a decent internet, correct number of places or power supplies. I knew a bit about the majority of the tools before hand but still managed to learn something new.
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Opening Keynote: Stealing People Lessons from Artificial Intelligence
excellent talk that had something relevant for everyone at a personal level or a company as to how it should treat its people. managed to be funny and informative
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Dependency Injection and Dependency Inversion in PHP
very helpful in expressing how simple the complex sounding topics of DI, solid etc. Helped me get my head around a couple of concepts with my current project. speaker was very clear and easy to follow but suffered from a lack of mic.
Rating: 4 of 5 
You Attended Talk: an introduction to event sourcing
interesting topic but would have benefited from real world examples showing impact on speed of application. example of how to then use the data would also help. Speaker himself suffered from the room not having a mic and noisy air con. looking forward to being able to check out the slides and sample code myself
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So you’re thinking about going self-employed?
Full of lots of infomation. Not totally convinced me I want to have the hassle of branching out on my own and having to go though the whole networking process but it did help me understand the whole process a lot more and would give me a good starting point.
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A World Without PHP
Was not really what it said on the tin. However it was interesting and all about community is what makes the language popular.
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Passwords and how to handle them
Would like to see this transformed into a full talk with real site examples of how they fail. A good general overview of passwords
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PHP School: From developer to teacher... <=20 minutes
Amazing idea. Really useful idea and can't wait to try it out. Need to improve the slide colours and not to talk while facing down towards a laptop you are typing on

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