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Welcome to the Symfony2 World
I really liked the presentation. But I would love to see some examples that are not on the landing page of a project. Like Satis or RDFa. I know to give a talk with two people on stage is harder then to do it alone.
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Debugging HTTP
I just love HTTP :) We need way more HTTP talks at conferences. Great speaker, I really like the way your talking. Very encouraging. But still I sometimes feel a bit uncertain about non-free / non opensource tool promotions. And I'm wondering if there might be good oss alternatives.
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Algorithm, Review, Sorting
Great talk. Brilliant topic. thanks! Even if I can understand that you were tired, organize that you arrive earlier and come rested :)
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Vagrant Provisioners in a Nutshell
Great overview of that's around in vagrant provision world. But there was one fact I was missing, people should use the same provisioner that the live env is using. And not what they would just like more, otherwise it wouldn't even solve the 'works on my machine' thing. Cool slide design btw!
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Heroku-style deploying on your own servers with Dokku.
Great talk. I know how hard live coding is. You did very good. A few points you could improve next time: use a brighter color scheme. And make the font even bigger. Better going to big then too small, if you have the chance to test it beforehand, do so. So you don't have to ask :) The topic was presented very well and I have a good idea of dokku now. And I want to play with it.
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Service Orientated Architecture for robust and scalable systems
Thanks for the great feedback. I really appreciate it. Changing the title really might be a good idea. :)

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