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Building OpenSky with Symfony2
The slides can be found here
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Bringing Symfony Components into Your Legacy Code
This was a great talk that demonstrates the true power of the Symfony components. The fact that Hugo was able to take a completely proprietary website and at the end have basically a full-stack framework without ever having to make any sacrifices or have his hand forced once was impressive!
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PHP 5.5: The New Bits
It was great to see these new PHP bits in action. I had read about them in the RFCs but seeing them in action was much more helpful, and the delivery was well done.
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Dream, Experiment, Create, and Share
What can I say that hasn't already been said. Fabien is a true visionary in our industry. The style of this talk was unexpected in a good way. A non technical talk and more of a speech that was extremely inspiring and informative.
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Twig Tips and Tricks
Great talk. Learned several things about Twig that I didn't know!

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