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Intro to Laravel
Thanks for the feedback, constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome!
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Scaling PHP with HipHop
Rating: 5 of 5 
Building Testable PHP Applications
Great talk, have heard a lot of people discussing testing and how great the talk was after. Only advice would be to slow down just a little, it could definitely use a larger time slot.
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Your API Sucks
Thanks David!
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Machine Learning: Or How To Build SkyNet On Your Lunch Break
Really great introduction to machine learning. Kayla did a very good job of showing enough info to get you excited about machine learning without losing you in the complexity.
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Async PHP with React
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Behind the Scenes of Maintaining an Open Source Project
Great talk and covered a lot of content. Jordi definitely has more experience than most maintaining open source projects in a civil friendly way. The points could be more focused and in general the talk more dynamic.
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The Websockets Awaken: Using Websockets in Your PHP Application
More technical details and code examples would be helpful. Great talk overall to introduce people to web sockets.
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Progressive Web Apps For PHP Developers
Really great talk. Would have preferred a few code examples but very well done.
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JavaScript in All The Places!
Very well done. Thanks for stepping up with short notice!
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Managing Legacy Applications With Composer and Laravel
Really great talk. Bernhard did a great mix of providing information and then walking you through how to implement that information. This was definitely the best talk of the whole conference.
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Using our Superpowers for Good
Really amazing talk that is extremely important for our industry.

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