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Categorizing Values: typeof, instanceof and Beyond
On the content, i'd give it a 5 stars ! It is obvious that Dr. Rauschmayer is very knowledgeable and was comfortable with the subject that was presented. The nature of the subject though makes it a little it hard to present. It reminded me of a university lecture, very academic. I suspect that some more junior developers might have been confused by the subject. I feel like the topic of prototype chain was addressed a little too quickly and the rest of the presentation was mostly based on it. The good thing was the "live examples". This made it more dynamic and was highly appreciated. All in all, this is why I'd give it a 4 for the presentation.
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How We Changed The World With Open Source
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Keynote: Beyond Code
Great inspiring talk, I liked the fact that there were no visual distractions. Nicely done!
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Keynote: Beyond Code
Great inspiring talk, thanks!
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Adventures in MySQL - 10 Awesome features you're probably not using
A lot of cool new tricks about MySQL that I didn't know. Very good talk, well delivered and great information.
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Ethical Engineering
Chris is a great orator. This talk was very well delivered and reminded us of the importance of the ethics in our line or work.

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