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Preparing To Speak
Very enthousiastic talk, I already feel more confident about giving my first talk having this talk as a guide :)
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Unbreakable Domain Models
Good talk! Made me think differently about US ING orm's
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The Proxy pattern in PHP
Good talk, could use a bit more explanation on some of the patterns, but overall a nice, in-depth presentation, with good examples.
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Extra Workshop: Advanced Symfony2
I was also a bit disappointed about the content. The cache part was interesting though. I would also say to always provide users with some download link and/or requirements before doing a workshop.
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Dependency Injection Smells
Good talk, clear presentation. Liked the way you took different established frameworks/libraries to illustrate bad practice. I do agree that some more clear general examples would be good to add.
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Build RESTful JSON API's with HAL
I like your relaxed way of talking. The workshop was pragmatic and hands-on, which I liked. The exercises were a bit hard to keep up with in the short amount of time. Was great to hear some stuff about REST, HAL, HTTP best practices and how to implement it all in one application.
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Uncon: Hands-on PHPStorm Tips & Tricks
Alexey is very enthusiastic about phpstorm and knows every little detail about both the product features as the development process. Thanks for the tips!
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Growing spiders to crawl the web
Really entertaining talk. Good real life examples and funny quotes.
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Deploying your apps... the right way!
@Robin: Fair point, the answer to that is that it's not the anxiety of a failing deploy, it's just that it is considered very bad practice to do live demo's during conferences due to failing wifi, which could result in broken pipes etc. But the whole point of doing this live demo was indeed to show that you should be able to do it everywhere :)

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