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KEYNOTE: Trillion Node Networks
Phil as always entertained and piqued my interest in the future of the data based world. Spot in was his desire to push the net to where people own the data about them. unfortunately users as a whole I fear will never understand that idea.
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Getting Started with PHP (for webdevs, bizdevs, and recruiters)
AJ chose poorly the title of his preso. Unfortunately the folks at OpenWest failed to realize this class had zero relevance on the track and should have been sent elsewhere. Frankly I'd be fine with this type of person never happening as it isn't constructive in the slightest.
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High Performance Websites with Scalable Workers
Justin has an amazing wealth of knowledge and each time I see him present I feel as though the heavens have opened and blessed me with a new skill set. PHP workers have been demystified, and I feel prepared to try my hand at playing with them. Justin handled hecklers and even broken code like a champ, Steve Balmer has nothing on Justin.
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PHP Security: It doesn't have to be an oxymoron
Steve knows his stuff. Today we learned a few gems. I was hoping for more of then hows and fixes, but the preso was a great learning stub for my team.
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Vagrant for Virtualized Development
Adam presented well how to use vagrant and some of its strengths. I would have liked to hear more discussion on why using vagrant instead of just plain old VMs was preferred. Finally the sudden switch to Puppet was a bit disjointed.
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PHP 5.NEXT: The New Bits
The presentation was short on the main meat, but Davey really gave some great info on PHP upgrading, the coming features of PHP 5.6, some of the lesser used features of PHP 5.5. A bit slower, and more in depth examples would be nice.

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