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REST APIs made easy with Symfony2
Very good talk
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Symfony2 and AngularJS
Hi guys, thank you for feedback. I see you wanted to cover more in details, I will try to fix that in future. @david thank you for advice, will try to do things with code better in future. Regarding this comment - "Suggested turning off CSRF protection without offering or explaining an alternative protection. Feels highly dangerous. Cookies are not secure without using CSRF protection...." I think we misunderstood each other, I didn't say that we are using cookies at any time, I said that we have implemented our own API key which has time to live, but we are not using cookies or session at any time. I am sry if I wasn't clear abut that
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Codeception, because tests can have frameworks too!
Well done! I will try Codeception!
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Web application: tech from startup to enterprise
Good Job Miro!
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Dig in Security with Symfony
Nice talk and explanation, but nothing new and nothing that you can find out in documentation.
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Symfony routing under the hood
Nice talk by David, but nothing new, almost all things can be found in documentation
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Doctrine 2: To Use or Not to Use
This is second time I listen this talk. Nice done!
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Progressive Web Apps in the wild
Amazing overview of PWA and things we can achieve with them. Great talk and great feeling for audience. One of best talk at this conference for now. Good job man, nice to meet you
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Unit Testing by Example
From my perspective this is well delivered talk which doesn't include so much of technical things but more how you should think about tests and how you can start applying them. Good introduction, specially for people who are not familiar with test and way of thinking about them
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Drupal8 for Symfony developers
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Panel discussion: "Education and Evaluation in the DEV World"
It was interesting to hear how other companies are solving education and what they think about junior, mid, senior developers
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Ad-hoc discussion
Much better than formal panel. Interesting topics, interesting people. For me after "mingling" is best part of every meetup

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