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Basic CQRS and Event Sourcing with Prooph
It was a very cool workshop with clear examples and rules of using CQRS. Even for Senior Developers it was very interesting to see and to structure the information about ES/CQRS. There was also a nice assistance from James Titcumb. However, the most interesting part with projections was very quick because of time limits.
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Solving Cross-Cutting Concerns in PHP
Thanks to everyone who have attended my talk! It was a big pleasure for me to be a speaker and to deliver my talk for you. Looking forward to give more talks!
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Solving Cross-Cutting Concerns in PHP
@dennisluitwieler Could you please describe what were your expecting in my talk? I want to change my slides to include an additional information. Unfortunately AOP is a very complex technology and my purpose was to deliver it as easy as possible. Do you remember my question about "who knows something about cross-cutting concerns"? Only one person raised his hand. Compare this to the moment when I asked about the tangled code example, almost everyone raised his hand. So, I was right not to include a very complex things into my talk.
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A CQRS and Event Sourcing approach in a Symfony application
Please, consider to use typographic fonts and black-on-white color scheme for code examples. It was very uncomfortable to watch your slides. Talk was a little bit monotonous without highlights, kind of informational one. CQRS principles were presented and described well.
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Knowing your state machines
Talk was very shine, easy to catch, balanced in theory and details. Nice for audience that will use it later for own projects.
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5 Years with Symfony
It was a talk with nostalgia ) Nothing bad, nothing good, well delivered and presented "How it was".

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