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PHP Annotation
As a recent adopter of annotations for more than just phpDoc, this confirmed for me that there is a serious place for annotation as more than just decoration. I believe there should be a clear distinction on where annotations could be misused and would like to see such examples mentioned in the talk.
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High-Speed Modern Web Apps with PHP & AMF
This was definitely a talk I was looking forward to. Danny brought something completely new to the conference (and was even confident enough for live demos). Something that benefits all of us in the PHP development community. Now I've gotta run. Need to place with AMF some more.
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Beyond PHP:It is not (just) about the code
Wim gave us a great talk on the benefits and looking outside our applications to better understand the importance and impact of careful design and coding considerations. I thoroughly loved the real world examples.
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Building & Deploying PHP Apps with Phing
Michiel touched on something close to my heart as a long time Ant dependant. Phing brings that extra level of control to continuous integration setups and, being a native PHP coder, a wonderful freedom to extend. Michiel's talk was comprehensive and clear and has inspired me to begin some serious system cleanups.
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Profiling PHP, A dive into your application
Your talk was well presented and provided more than enough information for most developers to get started with profiling their own code. It covered a number of options and extolled the benefits of each well. I, personally, would like to see some more pitfalls of setting up your profiling (like the ungodly amount of disk space Xdebug can quickly consume if you don't configure it to only run on demand or clear out your old results regularly) and more on how best to focus your time performing optimizations (working out where optimization will have the most impact). If you're feeling confident enough a demonstration of live debugging with breakpoints would give developers a clear indication of the value of profiling. Maybe even a live demo of finding an intentionally bottleneck in your code as an example of how profiling helps identify bottlenecks quickly.
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Text wrangling and word smithing
A wonderful talk on the challenges of text wrangling and the hidden difficulties behind it. Absolutely loved the in depth look at difficulties with other languages. I would have liked to have seen some examples of doing text searches on more complex data structures (arrays, arrays of key/value pairs) or ways of simplifying complex data structures into forms that are easily to grep.
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Money often costs too much
Well done on your talk! You show solid knowledge of the topic and this conveyed it self in the talk. Add more examples and uses to the Value objects section and get some more practice doing the talk so it feels more natural (I find doing the talk to my cat or wife works well) and any conference would be lucky to have you present this talk.

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