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Building your translation process

Continuous integration

Deep dive into Symfony 4 internals

Dynamic programming - 101

Hack in 60 seconds

Knowing your state machines

Mastering message Queues

Symfony 4 internals

Symfony without the Framework Bundle

Symfony without the framework bundle


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Soup up Symfony - Keep PHP Alive Between Requests
I really like this new way of thinking. Thank you for the introduction. I will try this and get back to you.
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Trend analysis and machine learning in PHP
I really like this talk. Great introduction to machine learning. Thank you!
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Mastering regex incantations
I really like this talk. It was sure advanced and filled with content. It was a very high tempo which I kind of like. But one have to review the slides later.

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SymfonyCon Lisbon 2018 Dec 04, 2018
phpDay 2018 May 10, 2018
SymfonyCon Berlin 2016 Nov 30, 2016
PHP Stockholm Meetup Apr 18, 2016
SymfonyCon Paris 2015 Dec 02, 2015
SymfonyCon Madrid 2014 Nov 26, 2014
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