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How to automate your infrastructure with Chef
Nice talk covering all knows possibilities about automation. It made me aware of solutions, and where I should be cautious about using chef. Thank you!
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Build RESTful APIs easily with Symfony
Look guys, I get the point. I tried the best I could as I had the flu. I came on stage even if I had fever, headaches and bad cough. I chose to not speak about my health on stage to focus on the presentation of my work and do it entirely. I understand your disapointment, I'll work harder to do better next time if I get the chance to. But for now, please, try to acknowledge that there was work behind this talk and a will of doing this properly. Some of you are comparing my talk to Rob Allen's : I'm a beginner at speaking at international conferences and I think it's kinda of void as he is way more experimented and talking about a different topic.
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Behind the Scenes of Maintaining an Open Source Project
Great great keynote! I laughted quite hard and I empathized a lot... Thank you for keeping up the awesome work and for being such an amazing guy :)
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Workshop : Build a REST API with Symfony
I remember you were in front of me, you should have told me… Next time, ask the speaker to use the microphone, and I'm sure he/she will access your request. About the walkthrough: the agenda was really hard to keep up with, and you forgot to mention that more than half of the attendees didn't know Symfony (which is ok). So I preferred to adapt the workshop to take time to explain the concepts, the code and answer questions, instead of coding quickly and take the risk to not make sure that the audience understand all of the concepts I was presenting to you guys. Please acknowledge that 3 hours for such a topic is not easy, I worked hard to give the best content I could. I hope that you learnt something at least.
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Building high profile webapps with Symfony and API Platform
Thank you for the great work on that presentation.

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