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Scaling PHP with HipHop
This was an amazing talk and i look forward to using PHP and Hip Hop.
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Docker for PHP Developers
It was a great talk, explained a lot and showed me some new ways of looking at how to use php applications with docker. I look forward to seeing more of his talks.
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Life Badges
A great talk on how to look at your life, accomplishments and mentality via badges. And how would you want the badges to appear on your headstone.
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Composing PHP Applications with Middleware
A fantastic talk, i had some minimalistic experience with middlewares. This opened my eyes on how to use and create middlewares.
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The New Revolution
A look into the history of computing. She is a fantastic speaker. She kept all of our attention. A great look at what was, what is, and making me think of what is to come.
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Kicking off with Zend Expressive and Doctrine ORM
It was a good talk, he explained the some good uses for how to start using expressive and with doctrine.
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Not-On-Calliday: On-Call Best Practices
Amanda had a great and to the point talk. She covered all the do's and don'ts for being and managing on call experiences. And how to prevent burnout. Or recognize burnout. Overall a great talk!

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