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Enabling Agile through enabling BDD in PHP projects
This was a *really* good talk. The content was really relevant to what we're doing and is likely to have a big impact on how we do it.
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Getting Started with Amazon Web Services
Very informative. Occasionally too quick, when something didn't go quite right, but caught up and everything worked in the end.
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Introduction to Docker
Andreas put loads of effort into the prep for this tutorial, so it went really well. Made such a big difference, not having to download and setup systems to do the tutorial. The tutorial itself was very informative and paced at the right speed. Lots of people asked questions and they were all answered well.
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Introduction to Apigility
Very interesting talk. Lots of useful information. Interesting to see Apigility's API design opinions. Would have been good to cover more API design but not much time in 40min.
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Integrating communities
Great start but we could do with a day long workshop / brainstorm! Good to see people working to make things better and trying to understand different viewpoints.
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When to Mock
Interesting talk with quite a bit to think about. Lots of the talk seemed to be aimed at a realistic mix of unit, integration and acceptance testing. This was practical but I think could have done with some details on the theory/ideal of keeping unit tests only testing your own code and integration tests testing where APIs meet. Obviously this isn't always practical, which is where experience is useful. Where to draw the line between different types of testing is always interesting. It was quite an advanced topic, which I think put some people off. A quick introduction to bring beginners up-to-speed would have been helpful. The slides and the delivery themselves were great.
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Modern Networking for PHP Developers
Very informative and probably the most new stuff I've learnt from a technical talk in a long time. I now actually grok IPv6 addresses, which is something I've feared since birth.
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Laser Quest
I. I just can't move. My legs. Pain!

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