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All About the New NEW Facebook PHP SDK v4.1

Bringing Old Legacy Apps To PHP 7 and Beyond

Bringing old legacy Apps to PHP 7 and beyond

Going Bare - Writing The Web Without A Framework

Going Bare - Writing the Web without a Framework

Going bare - writing the web without a framework

Let's Get Random: Under the Hood of PHP 7's CSPRNG

Let's get random: Under the hood of PHP 7's CSPRNG

My Journey to the Center of PHP

My journey to the center of PHP

The Debug Dance - An Intro To Step Debugging

The debug dance: An intro to step debugging

Writing Tests for PHP Source

Writing tests for PHP source


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Security Is Not a Feature, It's a State of Mind
Very lively and provided tons of really great info and resources on security & the web. Reminded me to be scared & paranoid. Thanks!
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Continuous Integration: Stop Procrastinating and Build Often!
One of the top talks at #mwphp15. Very clear & concise slides and smooth delivery. Plus perfectly spaced humor to boot.
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Mentoring: Change the World One Hour at a Time
Really great practical advice for mentoring and setting expectations in the relationship. Also very seamless and smooth delivery. Great job! :) For future talks, I would love to hear some real-world success stories from the PHP community and an example of a failed/problematic mentoring relationship & why. I'd also love to hear about the perspective of both being a mentor and apprentice at the same time.
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Demilitarizing HTTP -- Developing API's for Hostile Mobile Developers
Very well organized talk with a natural flow. Slide were clear & concise and the "loading" slides did an excellent job of illustrating an important point with humor. Even for someone who hasn't developed an API for a native mobile app, I got a lot out of the talk and feel like if I did develop an API for a mobile app in the future I'd be much better prepared. Thanks! :)
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Getting off the Freelance Roller-Coaster
Incredible practical advice for freelancers. I've been freelancing since 2008 (7 years) and Yitz eloquently articulated inspirational wisdom that has already positively influenced my freelance life the very next day after the talk. I had to hold back from periodically shouting out a hearty "amen" as truth was being spoken throughout the talk. Thank you very much Yitz! :)
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Convert a Laravel Application from 4 to 5
Fantastic lightning talk on upgrading from Laravel 4 to 5. A smooth delivery at a fast-pace for lots of helpful knowledge that has made me feel I can upgrade my existing apps without too much headache. And the whole "create a new branch & nuke it" is genius! :)
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HTTP is Dead. Long Live HTTP/2!
If you are looking for a professional super-polished speaker, choose Ben Ramsey. In this talk he took a bunch of really boring RFC's and explained them at length in a way that was both digestible and captivating. His delivery was smooth and well paced. And the calm and non-distracting way he handles technical issues is inspiring for future speakers. Well done Ben!
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HTTP/2 and Async APIs
Davey generated excitement in the audience for HTTP/2 in this excellent talk. The slides were very well crafted and he was so comfortable on stage it made for very very smooth transitions throughout this talk. Davey is a top-level speaker that others aspire to be like.

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