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Improving QA on PHP Development Projects
A very thorough look into QA and all fitting inside of a 3 hour workshop. Michelangelo van Dam's enthusiasm on the subject shines through in the delivery of his work.
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Wordpress for the Modern PHP Developer
Great talk on how to bring Wordpress up to a more modern development process. The only thing I'd say is to have better contrast on some of the slides (especially the code!) but that was partially down to the bad projector.
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Diving into HHVM Extensions
A really great talk on how you can write HHVM extensions in PHP, with the tiniest of C++ boilerplate. It even includes a bit on how you can do your extension in C++, then use the PHP to link the code into userland. Even if you're new to HHVM or a seasoned HHVM/PHP developer, you'll find something awesome in this talk. Or something to pick holes at. (Discussion isn't a bad thing!)
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It's all about the jumps
As always, Derick gives a detailed talk about internal PHP things. As always, it's accessible enough to be understandable, but enough to make your head spin with complexity.
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Dip Your Toes in the Sea of Security
Security is a very large topic and James tried to cover quite a bit of it. A talk bustling with information, sadly constrained by a 50 minute time slot. Despite this, it contains useful advice, even if you think you know everything about security.
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Decouple your framework now, thank me later
Food for thought, you use a framework, but your business logic shouldn't. Decoupling the two is the topic of Michelangelo van Dam's talk, and he covers it quite well.

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