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The Action-Domain-Responder Design Pattern
I really enjoyed this talk. The speaker spoke fairly slowly (English not being his native language) but explained his points clearly with good vocabulary. As others have mentioned it ran a little short but that wasn't a problem for me. A slightly deeper look into the code to look at some more complex situations would have been nice.
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Design How Your Objects Talk to Each Other Through Mocking
Very well presented and argued points with great examples. Thought provoking.
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Your Mileage Should Vary
Great sentiments to nicely finish off a fantasticly informative weekend - with some good laughs.
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Two > One: Modernising Magento for 2015 & Beyond
I went along knowing little about Magento, really as a "should I just wait until v2?" before getting into it. The talk didn't require a lot of prerequisite knowledge and explained the roadmap well.
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Making Kanban Work For You
Really great presentation that sparked a lot of talk with a colegue about the refinements we need to make; and funny too.
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Interface segregation - The forgotten i in SOLID
Really enjoyed this talk. Educational and funny.
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It's all about the jumps
A fascinating insight into what's happening behind the scenes of PHP. Really well presented and very enjoyable.
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Queues with RabbitMQ
Really enjoyed the talk - great overview and potential pain points covered. It would have been nice to see a working example, either live demo (!) or prerecorded to show it all working
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Developing Your Soft Skills
I think “soft skills” are extremely under-rated among developers yet are the most important things when working as a team. The session was great, got me out of my comfort zone, and taught me some good ways to challenge myself to become a better communicator. I would have liked some practice on having difficult conversations within the session but I spoke to Kenneth about this afterwards. Enjoyable and recommended.

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