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Software Architecture In an Agile Age
Good tips on agile software architecture with visual examples of what happens when things are not thought - loved the Lego example, relaxed
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Websockets and Torrents: A match made in PHP
Great talk, engaging despite the light conditions. An interesting look at the problems and how to solve them when using websockets.
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The wisdom of Chopra
Funny talk from Tom about his twitter bot for create Deepak Chopra tweets and the fame his bot got.
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Cryptography For Beginners
Very good talk. Like the differentiation between the key-derivation algorithms & hash, and the explanation around. Despite the fact that the speaker has gone a bit into cryptography, there was clear and to the point advice of what PHP developers should do and which functions/libraries to use when writing their applications.

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PHP North West 2016 Sep 29, 2016
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