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“Should It?” - A New BDD Tool, Pain Not Included!
I have my doubts about the product. However I think the speech itself was pretty well delivered especially since he had @everzet sitting right in front of him shaking his head through majority of the speech. That couldn't be exactly easy to deal with.
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What To Expect from PHP7
Very good talk, with lots of info. One thing I thought it was missing was information about using null with scalar type hints.
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PHP School: From developer to teacher... <=20 minutes
Pretty good for their first talk. Unluckily the font colour in their demos was a bit dark and hard to read. Talking wise the only downside was how nervous they were, which will get better with more experience.
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PHP School: From developer to teacher... <=20 minutes
Also I forgot to add the product was really good and promising.
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Clean Application Development
Overall I didn't really like this talk. However, I feel for junior developers this would be an amazing talk to hear in your first year of programming. I feel that it oversold the importance of coding style. Also, I feel that it would have been better if it was clear this talk was going to be such a basic level talk.
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Creating Space to be Awesome
After reading the feedback here I was quite surprised that people feel that the last part of the talk was too political. The title of the talk is "Creating space to be Awesome". Which I think the last part of the talk was actually the key part of doing this. Especially in an industry that claims they want to be more inclusive and nearly every company is trying to figure out how to increase their diversity. How do people think this is going to happen if we don't talk a look at the current situation and look to improve it and see where we're going wrong. If your space is only allowing certain creed of people to be awesome, are you doing it right? I found it odd that some people find it insulting that Micro-Aggression got explained. I personally didn't actually know what a micro-aggression was other than hearing people mock people for claiming that they were micro-aggressed upon. I guess it's part of the unconscious basis thing which there seems to be more research coming out upon. Also I for one found the level of colloquial language quite refreshing. Being from the UK, it made it for myself a lot more friendly and relaxed instead of very formal and lecturey.

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