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Le Profiling d'applications PHP
The beta is open for registration at
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Building high profile webapps with Symfony and API Platform
The community should be thankful for Kevin's work on API Platform, that's an amazing piece of code to solve a common web problem. Having to decipher his English is really something I can do, and really nothing compared to listening from a great community contributor.
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Dependency Injection Component v4.0
> If you have 2 services implementing same interface, why do you suggest to wire them thru the interface but not directly? This way you don't need to put an alias but your code should not target wiring! your code should target SOLID principles! which means following the LSP principle, so coding against abstractions. > Is it possible to use wildcard path specs in the config files (i.e. ../src/*/Controller)? Yes, the entry is a glob pattern > What is the overhead of using autowire vs getting services from container? Because it must involve Reflection... None, Symfony's container is compiled > Do the defaults apply to imported files as well? no, defaults apply only to the current file > Who want some beer tonight? sure ;) > What is the difference between service locator and container? using Symfony v4 specific definitions to answer thuis question: a container is The container, ie the object that holds all services. A service locator is a container that knows only about a short list of predeclared services (could be with a different id) > Is it possible to extend the config of individual services with Annotations? Like setting one explicitly to public and/or add an alias Using annotations to define DI config is not possible (it has been rejected several times as ppl/core-team were not convinced by it, but that's never a definitive answer ;-) ) > How to register a service from vendor/ to di? using regular DI configuration. But if a vendor needs a DI config, then make that config a Flex recipe so that the vendor package is made easy to install > Do we have to write down service spec when creating factory pattern classes or DI v4 will automatically do the work for us? yes, factories cannot be automated. But if you think of Doctrine repositories, v1.8 of the DoctrineBundle provides a new base class repository that works with autowiring. > Can I use patterns or wildcards in the resources param in services yml? yes you can! (and it's recursive when defining services) > How are tagged services injected into class? Array in constructor? as iterator objects (RewindableGenerator class in DI component, but your should always use the "iterable" type hint, never this class directly) > We have an additional sf event dispatcher in sulu when using autoconfig would the subscribers be called in both dispatcher. how could this be fixed? advanced and new question, needs custom response, I don't what to give bad answer yet, community discussion needed > When extending AbstractController is it really necessary implementing ServiceSubscriberInterface? Actually AbstractController already implements it Correct, that was for the demo :)
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Migration en Symfony 4 de l'API de connexion Allociné, dans un écosystème en 3.3/3.4
Super présentation des étapes essentielles pour migrer à SF4 et encourager tout le monde à suivre l'exemple, sur un site connu de tous.
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Ne soyez plus l’esclave de Doctrine
Merci d'aider les conférenciers à s'améliorer en donnant des commentaires constructifs.
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Security: handling user access with Symfony the right way
As part of the organization committee, I realize we should have better communicated with the speaker. Please don't blame Diana for the mistake we did and rate only her talk - not its adequation to the track. We'll definitely look at our processes to prevent this from happening again. Apologies to Diana for the error. It was a real pleasure to have her at SymfonyCon.

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