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Need a Better Way to Organize Your Features? Go Ask Alice.
Great session! I'm a features veteran and learned some great best practices. I'd probably cut down on the rehash and maybe show screenshots of the original problems you are addressing (like show a screenshot feature conflict) and screenshots of a well laid out features UI page.
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Let's Learn Git
Great session! The allotted time was not enough (not your fault!). The flow charts you presented were pretty confusing. I could see a git newbie getting scared. I'd try to use a workflow graphic that is more similar to the second diagram on
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Grunt All the Things!! Even Drupal!
Fantastic presenter. Held my attention the whole time. I would probably not use animated Gifs in the future for command examples. Perhaps use videos that you can start when you're ready and won't auto repeat (kinda distracting). Use larger fonts for code and command examples in case you're stuck with a bad projector/screen. Comment to the camp: The screen was too small and projector too dim for this room. I couldn't see the code samples.
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Speeding up Drupal 8 development using Drupal Console
Great Session! Glad to be learning new tools to help work with D8 and build D8 Modules. Use a black background and slightly larger font for console screen recordings. It was difficult to read the console on a white background.
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Rethinking Drupal Configuration
Very interesting ideas on handling content type creation. The work you've done in impressive. Thanks for sharing this!
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Regular Expressions
Nice work! I would try to include some hands-on/live coding of some of your examples like the Sarah Connor one. It would have been nice to see a list and watch how greedy and lazy searches actually work against that list.

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