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So you’re thinking about going self-employed?
A very good talk. Full of useful information.
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Website insecurity - how your CMS site will get hacked and how to prevent it
Great talk, packed full of information with relevant examples. Quite a few take-aways to implement after seeing this talk.
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Open Source: self-care and supporting others
Fantastic keynote. Connected with me on various levels with multiple points, and reminded me of key things like it's OK to say "no", not to take on too much and help yourself before helping others - lessons I'll ensure to remind myself of regularly going forward.
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Freelancers - tips and tricks I picked up along the way
A good mixture of technical and non-technical tips about Drupal site building and freelancing in general. Ana got a little flustered though mid way through the talk when almost everyone put their hand up after being asked "Who uses Drush", which I think took her aback and worried her that it wasn't relevant or too simple for the audience - although it was labelled as a beginner talk. She continued and finished the talk, and I'm glad she did.
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The why and the how of moving to 7.x
I look forward to trying out PHPCompatibility on some of my Drupal 7 modules.
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Profiling with Blackfire.io
Great talk covering Blackfire and also application profiling in general. Clear explanations of the terms associated with profiling, and the benefits of why you should profile your code. As I'm looking at this at the moment, I'd be interested in seeing how it could be integrated into a CI pipeline, and what metrics could be used to determine if a build passes or fails based on the results. Would be a good talk for PHP meetups too.

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