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Technical Debt Management
Great job. Very Useful. You could add outdated libraries, etc, as a type of technical debt.
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Your API Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad
Exactly the sort of introduction to rest I had been looking for. Would have loved some more specific use examples. Maybe you more most challenging design decisions.
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How to Disagree - But Still Be Agreeable
appeal to tradition would be a good informal logical fallacy to add.
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Testing Spaghetti
This was a great presentation. Great examples on how to refactor non-objected code into object oriented code over time.
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Modern PHP Standards and Community
Very useful. Loved the parts about new features such as ?? and traits. Inclusion of FIG was also good idea.
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Stronger Than Fear: Mental Health in the Developer Community
Fantastic. Thank you for doing this. I've always struggled with comparing mental health issues to diabetes, because I feel like we understand diabetes so much better. Though cancer seems like more of a fair comparison. If you have cancer the doctors give you a list of options you can try and if the first doesn't work they will try something, and they have to just keep trying hoping the get it eventually. It seem the same with most mental health issue. Doctors have to just keep trying until something happens to work. Your comments about the benefits of depression reminded me of this article about why depression may be so common:
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Understanding systemd

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