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Work-Life Balance For Passionate Geeks
Excellent talk, this would be a great talk for a group of geeks who manage others.
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The Road to Open Source: Build open source and get your boss to thank you.
This talk was good, although I had hoped for a little bit more. The focus on how the presenters sold the idea to their bosses of letting them develop an open source project management tool was overly limited in applicability. More focus on what the factors that need to be balanced when pitching open source within a business would have been good, the details provided weren't really that deep. Most developers, and teams, would have a tough time selling the idea of building an open source solution for something as generic as project management within a business. There are already so many commercial and open source options. From a technical manager's standpoint I would have appreciated more time with how to sell taking private code and making it open source, since there are plenty of paths in which that transition can make excellent business sense. Again, the talk was good; but, not great.
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A Gentle Walk Towards SOA
An excellent talk. Addressed the subject well, and balanced inclusion of practical concerns along with the higher-level nature of software architectural content.

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