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Test, Create, Secure, Repeat - Part 2
Excellent coverage of PHPUnit testing and other useful tools! Thank you.
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PhpStorm: 42 Tips and Tricks
Big thanks for all the tips and tricks Mikhail!
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Uncon: PhpStorm like a pro
Thanks Rick for your useful tips&tricks!
Rating: 4 of 5 
Web Security Essentials
Good talk by great speaker! Started basic and ended mid-range. Demo's were very clear.
Rating: 4 of 5 
Goede inleiding. Een pluspunt is dat het West-Vlaams naar voor komt. Eigenheid aan een product is cruciaal!
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Adventures in MySQL - 10 Awesome features you're probably not using
Very good talk about some new features! Excellent speaker. Thank you.
Rating: 4 of 5 
Paradoxes and theorems every developer should know
Good talk and great speaker. Contains humor and useful info. Great to see things in perspective. Thx.
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intro talk
Toffe presentatie. Maar ik had moeite met zijn West-Vlaams. Misschien in het vervolg in het AN?
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Frontend stuff for Backend folks
Straight forward, no-nonsense. Pieter maakt zijn gebrek aan humor goed met zijn kennis over packages.
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Testing, waste of time?!
Goeie talk over een onderwerp dat veel developers uit de weg gaan. (Of "moeten" uit de weg gaan wegens budget issues). Demo was ook duidelijk.
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There is an I in SOLID
Interessante talk over "interface segregation principle". Gebracht op een boeiende manier EN met de nodige zin voor humor.
Rating: 3 of 5 
Symfony 4 – Hands On!
Interesting topic but try to "see" and talk to your audience. I found it hard to follow considering the fact you talked very quite and a lot of the time to yourself during the workshop (actual coding).
Rating: 4 of 5 
Challenges deploying PHP apps on multi node docker swarm
Content: I've hear a thing or two about docker in the past but it always remained "blurry". This talk gave me a better view into what docker can mean during development AND deployment. Slides / demo: A bit unfortunate that the Pimcore demo didn't worked out as planned. But you've provided a backup (Magento demo) which worked out well. Good job! Speaker: You spoke bright and clear. Everything you said was understandable. It wasn't always at a decent pace, though I'm sure that after a few more attempts, you'll master the talk and simply ease right through it. You clearly master the subject itself so I blame the nerves :) Am I right?

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