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PHP Foundations

at Lone Star PHP 2015 (16.Apr.2015) | 2 comments | Elizabeth Smith, Beth Tucker Long, Michelle Sanver, Davey Shafik, Patrick Andersen


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Regex clinic
Andrei did a great job stepping through from simple to more complex. I appreciated knowing the why behind some of the suggestions (like why being greedy can be counterproductive). One suggestion would be to have more real-life examples of each topic (perhaps continuously build on one very complex one throughout the talk as well as having individual examples that only apply to the current topic). Another idea would be to offer to ideas for ways to remember things, like emphasizing that \b stands for boundary (you mentioned this, but making it more of a point may make it easier for people to remember), to help make this more readable to newcomers. Also, the grey on the slides was a little tough to read. All in all, an excellent talk, and I am very excited to learn more about regex.
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Algorithm, Review, Sorting
This talk was a great introduction to what goes on behind the scenes diring sorting and what sorting methodologies are out there. Rowan did a great job of explaining how each worked, and seeing code samples plus live sorting was very helpful. One thing that may be neat would be to have the live sorting display the code it was executing at each step so you could walk through the code and the live results at the same time. Admittedly, this would be tough to fit on a single slide.
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Continuous Inspection: Fight back the 7 deadly sins of a developer!
A good overview of Sonar. I really enjoyed the live Sonar demo. The seven deadly sins description was a fun way to discuss why these metrics are important and how technical debt creeps in on all of us.
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Step By Step: Making a Website Fly with Assetic, Varnish and ESI
I really liked the practical examples and code shown in this talk. It was helpful to learn more about why you do things and what kind of impact it can make. One suggestion would be to make the code samples a little larger on the slides so they are easier to read.
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Best Practices for the Sole Developer
Great discussion on tips for staying on track with projects, keeping up with invoices, and ways to learn new things.
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Programming Diversity
A great look at the subtle things that are happening to hamper diversity. A lot of great facts about the current situation and a solid list of things we can all be doing to improve the environment for everyone.
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Mocking Dependencies in PHPUnit
Great talk! Matt did a great job taking a very messy complex topic and breaking it down into manageable steps. Good use of humorous images to really drive the points home. I always knew Skeletor was more evil than he let on...
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Journey to the Enterprise
This was a great talk about a really tough subject. Defining enterprise is very difficult. I think the talk could be tightened up a bit to make the points more clear, but all in all, I really enjoyed the humor and interesting discussion.
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Open Source, PHP, and PIE
This was a well-polished and inspirational talk. Loved the history section at the beginning. This talk delivered a great message, and I hope we can all find a way to work towards real sharing.
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Building better developers
Really enjoyed this talk. Rowan kept the talk light-hearted, which allowed him to very effectively deliver some very serious suggestions for improving yourself. The story-based format worked very well for this topic. If I could make one suggestion, the slides were a little dark, though I think that was a little more the fault of a dim projector than the slides themselves.
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A startup story: Sending a billion text messages
An amazing story. Thank you for sharing it with us! Loved the push to learn new things and have a side project.
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Not Your Grandmother's WordPress
Enjoyed the light-hearted intro describing the WordPress conflict and really appreciated the insight to what you do to keep WordPress updated on your own terms.
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Building rock solid software in the real world
A very fun look at what goes wrong in a team environment and what tools and methodologies can help you get back on track.
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Eating ElePHPants
An excellent retrospective into what worked and what didn't when pushing through a major change in thinking and architecture. A fascinating story, and a great reminder to all of us that good change can happen if we are careful and considerate while remaining firm on what needs to change.
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Interactive Programming – Super Pair Style
I had so much fun! This was a great way to start a discussion about what are good practices for validation and what security things to keep in mind when dealing with input. It was neat to hear the suggestions for where to start and how many different ideas there are about what is good validation and a lot of good questions about what each built-in validation covers. Aaron did a great job of keeping the time light and keeping the project moving forward. My one suggestion would be for Aaron to speak a little more slowly at the beginning of the talk, but once he found his groove, it was not a problem to understand him at all.
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An Instagram API in (X) Minutes
Matthew is a brave man doing live coding so early on the last day of a conference, and he nailed it! Loved seeing the hands-on demo. Made it very clear exactly how easy it is to get started and build something successfully. I liked that Matthew asked questions of the audience to keep people engaged and thinking about what is actually being coded.
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High Performance PHP
A very approachable introduction to how compilers work and the differences between the major PHP compilers. I learned a lot about something I have always taken for granted. I appreciated that Anthony repeated the audience questions into the mic before answering them.
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Project Triage: What to do When Everything Hits the Fan
This talk was well delivered in a very approachable tone with humor well-placed. Eryn has a great confident delivery, and her story-telling skills are fantastic. A suggestions for the talk would be to have a few more stories about events and dissecting what happened and then what should have happened. The advice within the "real" life stories are what really hooked me in for this talk (versus the slides where advice was more listed) and are what are really sticking with me after the talk. All in all, thoroughly entertaining and educational (edutaining?), and I am working on a much more structured incident plan as a result. Thank you!
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Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone: Learning to Teach
Heather's speaking style is very calm, comfortable, and clear to follow. The slides were engaging, and the information was presented in an interesting, but easy to understand way. I learned so many things that I can instantly apply to my talks, my mentoring, and even just my daily interactions with other developers. Great job, Heather! You nailed it!
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Loosely Coupled Live Podcast
So much fun, and really great to watch the faces behind the voices behind the podcast. Also, loved hearing so many people involved in the discussion.
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After party presented by Sparefoot
Loved the wide variety of board games available to play. Omni's brews were all fantastic!
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Turning Your Code Into a Company: The Parts They Don't Tell You
May have just been my angle, but the tools slide was a bit blurry. Perhaps using larger versions of the logo files. I agree that the pacing seemed different at the end of the talk. I think this was because the beginning was very passionate story-telling whereas the end seemed more like a tools tutorial. In a keynote setting, I think the latter could be skipped as it's not necessary for the inspirational message of the former. All in all, though, I loved hearing this talk and getting a glimpse into the lifeblood of a solidly successful product. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks building a business takes years of hard work, not just a magical idea.
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PHP Jeopardy
This was a lot of fun! I liked that quite a few people could be involved on stage. I wish there had been a bit more time devoted to explaining the answers. A lot of people didn't know a few of the podcasts, mentioned, for example, and it would be neat to be able to use the answer moment as a time to teach the rest of the crowd about the answer (not a lot, just something really quick) so they are learning and not just feeling lost with the answers. Might also be fun that if no one on stage knows the answers to ask the audience to yell out answers to keep everyone a engaged.
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After party presented by Softlayer
Really fun! Was so nice to hang out and talk with people after such a great conference.
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The Whole Kit and Ca-Moodle
This talk was a good intro to what Moodle is for and what features it has. The quiz was fun. One suggestion might be to make the quiz questions about Moodle, and then you could talk a bit about the feature in the answer after each question. Would also be helpful to have a section of your talk defining the terminology used in Moodle. Thank you for giving this talk!
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Hands-on: HTTP caching with Varnish
I really enjoyed the hands-on approach to this workshop. The exercises were nice because they were small enough to accomplish quickly, but progressed each lesson with a tangible script to remind us of what we were learning. Perhaps I missed the info, but with the exercises, it would be really handy to have the slides in advance so that you could flip back through them while doing the exercises, and I agree with Anonymous that it would be fun to learn more about real-life applications for each stage of caching. Perhaps a discussion section where the audience is involved in choosing which caching levels/features are beneficial followed by an explanation on why certain levels/features are or are not as helpful as the audience thinks. Great job, David!
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AngularJS internals
Really interesting learning what's going on in AngularJS. Slides were clear, and Carl's narration was easy to follow. Thanks for a great talk!
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Avoiding Common Database Pitfalls
An interesting look at what can go wrong when you start working with databases, what things to keep in mind as you create databases, and some good reminders about knowing what your database can do before you go and rebuild things programmatically.
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A really wonderful look at how contributing to the community can change your business life for the better. It's amazing how community connections can lead you places you didn't expect to be. One suggestion would be to shorten the section of the talk that addresses Josh's past employment. A couple of examples of how the community influenced his career path are sufficient, and that would leave more time for the rest of the talk after that section which felt a bit rushed. All in all, inspiring and a great keynote, and I really appreciate Josh's honesty and passion for the topic.
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APIs to your brain
This talk was a really interesting look into the some neurotech hardware and what is being done with it. I loved seeing the tangible applications of the technology. In future versions of this talk, I'd love to see a bit more applicable coding, maybe some examples of very simplistic scripts that could be written to interact with the technology being discussed.
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Magento at 2
A good overview of the changes in Magento 2. I'm looking forward to trying it out.
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Imposter Syndrome and Individual Competence
This talk had excellent slides that weren't just full of text to read. The speaker's style was conversational, professional, and very easy to follow while being entertaining to listen to. My only suggestion would be to highlight the final conclusion a bit more. It seemed like the last two slides were very rushed and then the talk was done, and the conclusion of the talk is really an excellent point that deserves a bit more oomph. All in all, an excellent keynote and a wonderful speaker.
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Security Theatre
This talk was depressing, terrifying, and inspirational all at once. I really enjoyed the statistics and real-world information. I'm glad that some practical suggestions were made during the talk and definitely have some work to do when I get home. The speaker had a calm speaking manner with nicely punctuated jokes to keep things light. My only suggestion for this talk would be to lighten up with the jokes about specific technologies. It was fine during the slides that showed stats to support those light-hearted jokes, but calling out specific technologies at other points in the talk seems unnecessary as they all have room for improvement. Overall, an excellent talk about the current state of security, how we got here, and what steps we can take to start improving things.
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Let's Solve the Diversity Problem in Tech through Mentorship
This talk sparked a lot of great conversations! Thank you so much for giving it! The one suggestion I have is that I'd like to see the talk focused more on ways the audience can get involved rather than on background or behind-the-scenes information. For example, the information on building the app for Chins Up was interesting, but seemed off-topic. It would be great to wrap the talk up with a reminder of the best ways to get involved so the audience leaves with a clear mission.
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Taming Your Data With Elasticsearch
The beginning of this talk could go a bit slower for a more beginner audience (explain more about how the data is stored and structured), but otherwise, this talk was a great introduction to Elasticsearch. I loved seeing the live examples of how fast these queries really are. The ability to use location data in your searches was also really interesting. The talk was easy to follow and engaging. Thank you for presenting!

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