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Such a great opener for this conference. Even though you see yourself as a jerk, I think most people still see you as a happy woodpecker in a lumber yard. You balanced the talk very well, just enough jokes and anecdotes to keep it interesting and entertaining till the end; letting us feel: we want more! Your humoristic and very human style (you are one of us!) of talking, really put this talk to the next level. It let the message come across stronger. Inspirational talk which can really make a difference: I hope people will work on this, because it will help them feel happier too! Changing the world, starts with yourself!
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The Laravel Ecosystem
If a look at this talk objectively, it was a very informative talk. It's just one of those talks that belongs on a Laravel conference: a quick overview of what Laravel has to offer. For me personally (someone who follows it all very closely) it wasn't anything new, but I'm sure non-Laravel attendees, beginners and employers really benefited from this talk. There have to be talks for every audience, so I think this talk fitted in the program perfectly My employer was very pleased he got a thorough overview of what Laravel has to offer: it even made him interested (finally - you did something we didn't manage) in Forge and Envoyer! So even if it wasn't a sales pitch, it worked! ;) Surely your talk can be improved. I had the feeling you were a bit nervous and I understand! Talking for 450 people in a language that (I assume) you don't speak natively: I would get nervous for less! I'm positive you will feel more at ease next time. A little more balance would have benefited your talk as well: you talked a lot about the products/framework/extensions Laravel offers and only very shortly about the community (I assume time limit). A bit less product talk (don't think it's necessary to explain a lot in depth) and more talk about the community would have pleased more people. Looking at how other speakers tackled this: I really saw that anecdotes kept it fresh and entertaining: maybe that's something you can try to introduce more in your next talk. I'm sure you have some good stories about how the community has helped you with (I remember the spam problems you had a while back). Don't let the haters discourage you (remember: you can picture them holding their heads underwater ;) ). Both me and them wouldn't have done it any better! Your talk has a lot of potential and with some rewriting it can become a talk that pleases both audiences: experienced and newcomers.
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When testing makes no sense
Was hands down my favourite talk of the friday. Miro is a great speaker and listening to him was a great pleasure. He had a good balance between information, examples and a humoristic undertone now and then. I loved this as a counter sound against the test-everything talks that have been popping up last years. Finally some realism! This talk was great of testing-newbies, experienced testers and even for dev-managers!
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Keynote : The New Revolution
Samantha is a great speaker and it was great to get inspired by her. I like her very visual way of speaking (Without having any fancy slides!), she really paints a picture with words! Sometimes this goes a bit over the top; for me the story about the bridge was a bit too long and not related enough (I get the point she tries to make, but I think she could have made her point in a shorter time). I think Samantha is a talented speaker and with some small changes to the amount of information she shares, this has the potential of being an even better and more inspiring talk. It was a great opening for the conference!

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