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Crafting beautiful software
Nice end explicit guide to modern architectural design principles. Special thanks for real world examples and lot of code.
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The IoC Hydra
Enjoyed the talk. Among the standard DI stuff I really liked real world examples from Symfony framework. I hope to see this talk once again next year in Kiev )
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Groupies, Roadies, Rockstars
This was actually great inspirational talk. It really explians how things should be in open source community. I'd add one point to it: even if you don't actually like or personally interested in project, even if you don't even ever use it, but you find it might be useful for someone it is a good idea to spread the word about it. That what help so much! I'd like also like to agree on the following comment: " Cal for some of us some of the names did not mean anything." It was unclear did you mention Beau because he is open source developer or because he is your friend. It would be more motivating to pay more time to open-source if you would mention someone who is not a PHP celebrity. Maybe local open source developers or someone from popular open source projects started last year. Probably for that we need something like https://rubyheroes.com And thanks for this great talk
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What They Should Tell You About API Development
Great talk. Especially on documentation part. It contained Ruby examples... Well, I love Ruby! :) I think PHPers have still a lot to learn from Ruby community and vice versa )
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Databases — the choice is yours
Awesome overview of all databases

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