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BDD Your Way out of Legacy
This was a great day. A lot of it would be very useful for our POs too. Would have liked to have had a bit more time to work on the practical excercises, but I guess that would have made it a two day workshop.
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The Code Manifesto
Great talk. Triggered quite a long discussion with colleagues over dinner.
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What To Expect From PHP7
Lots of usefyl info to help me persuade the management we need some time to upgrade all our stuff.
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Eating spaghetti with Symfony
really useful talk, lots of very relevant tips for some sprawling pasta we're just starting to tidy up
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From Vagrant to Production
Great talk. Worth it for the vagrant-cachier tip alone, which i priced today knocks a very useful amount of time off upping some of our Vagrant VMs. Thank you.

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