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What To Expect from PHP7
I liked the concise description of the new features with the code snippets to make them clearer, I liked the part about upgrading to PHP7. I was hoping to hear more about pitfalls and how to set it up, but it was definitely enough to get you started and in the end you have to see it in your own projects anyway.
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Strip your TEXT field
Really interesting talk. I like how it is modelled around a real life example, but it fell short in this regard when describing the solutions (might be due to unconference-format). It would be interesting to see practices how to mitigate costly TEXT-fields in ORM-context specifically Doctrine.
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Dotting your i's and crossing your t's - How to Make Good Code Great
I'm not sure if I am just not the target audience - it seemed very beginner oriented - but to me it felt like just a link list with cartoons as slides. This is not to say that it wasn't entertaining, it mostly was. Also the mentioned practices and tools are fine and getting people to know about them is useful and a good cause. I just don't feel the talk really achieved that. I feel that it is very likely when you code professionally you will have dealt with most if not all of these. If you didn't know about them, you probably barely got enough info to see if it's useful for you. Since there are are already 2 positive reviews I might be wrong about this.
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Driving Design through Examples
A fantastic talk. Great slides, very succinct presentation, fast pace (but not too fast) and I really loved the example scenario that is easily grasped without being too simplistic that it feels artificial. It's definitely useful to have at least rudimentary experience with behat and phpspec to follow the slides. Only suggestion I have is to leave more time for discussion.
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Wie wir Code analysieren
Sehr guter Talk. Die verschiedenen Metriken waren gut veranschaulicht. Symfony als Beispiel fand ich toll; stellt sicher, dass viele Leute zumindest grob mit dem Code vertraut sind und somit gezeigte Zahlen eher im richtigen Kontext erkennen. Ansonsten hat der Talk sehr dazu beigetragen zu veranschaulichen, dass man die Werte mit einer Prise Salz zu genie├čen hat.

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