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Web Application Security Boot Camp
Lots of good info but pretty basic stuff that every developer should know. Need that extra oomph. Still, overall a phenomenal talk.
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Practical SVN for PHP Developers
Fantastic talk. Some technical problems but overall the material was amazing.
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Highly Scalable Web Applications
Great talk! Lots of info about scaling through MySQL, which is really where you've got to scale. Eli clearly knows his stuff, and anyone who missed this talk missed out. Well done, Eli.
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With no idea what PHP-GTK is, this is something I should attend.
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Commenting On Commenting
I'm totally in favor of this talk. Let's do it!
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Designing a Model Architecture
This is a great talk that shows a tremendous amount of information about how to design the model, and highlights some great best practices. There's one slide that potentially contains a landmine, when the DI container is injected into the command bus. This is a common behavior in PHP, and can be dangerous if developers use this technique for service location in general. I'd like to see a discussion on why it's done here, and a warning that it's dangerous if abused. :)
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Growing Open Source Communities
Giving a talk without slides is hard enough, and giving one this personal is even more challenging. Lorna did a fantastic job, and shared some deeply personal insights about her experiences that translate really well to community engagement and involvement. Excellent talk all around.
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Debugging Effectively
I felt that this talk was very well developed and executed. A bit focused on the junior audience, but that's okay. The challenge in talking about debuggers is that while they all involve similar tools, they're difficult to discuss specifically without using a specific toolset; I think the balance here was just right. Things for improvement might be a focus on intermittent bugs (e.g. figuring out what set of circumstances triggers an intermittent bug), and race conditions (which do happen). Overall, solid work!
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Hello, PSR-7.
I'm still struggling with understanding PSR-7, but not because of this talk. Beau did a great job explaining PSR-7, the details therein, and helping me understand exactly what I need to know to make PSR-7 work. Implementation is another layer, and that's the hard part, but this talk is a prerequisite for even giving implementation a chance.
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Working with Webhooks
Lots of great tidbits about tooling and working with webhooks. Thanks Lorna!

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