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Extremely Defensive PHP
One of the greatest talks I ever seen. I didn't see it, just saw the slides, and I was wondering how good it might have been.
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Git Legit
Awesome talk. Very clear, concise, straight to the point and joyful. The only thing I missed was an actual example of the comparison between two points of your history. For almost all the other things you added some examples, except for this one, which was exactly the only feature I had no idea I could do using git. But aside that, I congratulate for the awesome talk. Keep doing! And I'll bring it until the end of my life: "Do whatever you want, man. We live in a free country". This was amazing!! hehehe
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Moving from legacy to event-driven with Kafka
I really enjoyed the talk. Amazing mastery of domain, short slides, nice step-by-step presentation, concise, straight to the point. The only tip for the next, as the guys told above, would be to focus more on the pos instead of the pre. You divided your talk in two moments, talking first about how it was before, and then how you solved the problem. I think you should focus more on the second part, on the solution itself. But in general, congratulations for the nice talk.
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Keynote : The New Revolution
Good talk, funny some times with the analogies and shocking ideas about how IT has been evolving during life. Although the talker is quite pro, I didn't feel the topic to be a proper one for a keynote talk opening such an event.
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Se7en Deployment Sins
Awesome talk! Keep doing it!
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Microservices vs The Distributed Monolith
Good talk. Keep doing it!
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All aboard the Service Bus
Great tallkkk!! Keep doing it!
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Keynote : Controlling the variables
Excellent talk. Should open dpc19!
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Docker-PHP Pipeline
Nice talk. Could improve in the time management. It was brilliant, but not a "light talk" as it was supposed to be!

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